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YOU can start making money as an affiliate selling "50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep" and "The Link Building Black Book"

This affiliate scheme is run through the highly-regarded - and payouts are as follows:

50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep: 70% commission! (aff. earnings per sale = $11.90)

The Link Building Black Book: 75% commission! (aff. earnings per sale = $13.09)

Sounds good? Let's do it!

1) First Steps - Getting Set Up With Clickbank

How Clickbank Marketing works / Get Signed Up

Here is a simple tutorial that explains the way Clickbank's system works. First, you'll need to register with Clickbank as an affiliate. Signup is really easy, entirely free! - and only takes a few minutes; the link is at the foot of this tutorial.

Here are the basics of how Clickbank's marketing system operates. It's a fantastic system - brilliantly put together and really works well!

When you sign up with Clickbank, you will choose a unique Clickbank marketing "nickname" - also known as a Clickbank "Affiliate ID". Make sure you make a note of your Affiliate ID - and make sure you use a valid, working email address when you sign up!

What happens next, is that when you want to sell 50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep - (or any other Clickbank product for that matter!) - you will create a special marketing link (this is extremely easy - full details in a moment) known as a "Hoplink" which contains both your Affiliate ID and the web address of the sales page for the product you are promoting.

Here's the good part: If someone clicks your Hoplink, and then goes on to buy the Clickbank product you are promoting, Clickbank is able to tell that it was your Hoplink that generated the sale - and will automatically credit your commission to your account! Not only this, but when the amount in your Clickbank account reaches a certain level (typically $100 although you can set your own payment threshold), a check is automatically sent to you at the address you have designated! And Clickbank pays out fortnightly.

How cool is that?!

Let me assure you - when you start getting those checks in the mail, it's pretty darn cool...

There are of course a few further details and technicalities - for example you will need to submit taxpayer information to Clickbank before they will remit payment - but the above is the essence of their system - and full details are available on

It's also worth knowing that Clickbank has a highly regarded, reliable, secure e-commerce system. They are the real deal, a true professional outfit - not some fly-by-night operation. They have been in business for over 10 years (a long time in internet terms!) and have over 100,000 affiliates signed up, promoting over 10,000 digital products.

Further details / sign up with Clickbank now!

2) Important "Do's and Don'ts" For Affiliates

Note - this section is a little tedious but essential. There are rules and legal restrictions on what affiliates can and cannot do - and you need to know these. In general it boils down to "don't be dishonest" but please don't skip over this part.

1) If you are going to be an affiliate, you MUST NOT use spam in any way, shape or form. We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for spam and it also has serious legal consequences. If you are going to use email marketing (also see below) for your promotional campaign, please only send messages to your own subscribers who have "opted in". Full details of CAN-SPAM Requirements for Commercial Emailers can be found here:

2) FTC regulations state that affiliates engaged in "Word Of Mouth Marketing" must "disclose" the nature of their status as affiliates - and not practice "stealth marketing" . In other words, if you are affiliate marketing, you must notify people to whom you are marketing, that you receive commission from sales. The FTC docs can be found at
Additionally, ads must not be misleading. Details of the regulations for "dot com disclosures" can be found here:

3) As of November 2009, new regulations were put in place not just for affiliates, but for all businesses, regarding Endorsements and Testimonials in advertising. The full regs can be found here. In a nutshell, this would appear to mean that any testimonial will be construed as misleading if it makes an "atypical" claim about the product. Advertisments and promotions of products must "clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect". My suggestion is, if in doubt to avoid the use of endorsements and testimonials so as to steer clear of this grey area. There are other ways to sell products - and if you are an affiliate, your main task is to get the targeted traffic to the sales page. You don't need to spend time making claims of your own about the product.

5) Many web sites have Terms of Service which do not allow the posting of content that is "commercial in nature" - in other words, advertising of a business or affiliate product! So if you are considering promoting my products through web sites other than your own, you'll need to check the Terms of Service of each individual web site you are considering using. Be sure to stick to Terms of Service, and not to upload content or links where they will not be wanted. You might also want to use URL shorteners or (if you have your own domain) HTML redirect links to "pretty up" your affiliate links.

5) You are not permitted to distribute my products through other channels than through the Clickbank methods I have set up. The books do not come with repackaging / resale rights.


Once you have signed up with Clickbank and have been given your affiliate (user) ID, you can then create your unique Hoplink to use in your promotional campaigns! Here's how it's done. First, this is a "blank" hoplink for "50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep":

Copy and paste the above Hoplink - then simply replace the xxxxxxxx with your unique Clickbank "Affiliate ID". Make sure you don't leave any spaces, and don't add "www" to the URL.

You can then post this link in the places where you want to promote the product

Here is the blank hoplink for "The Link Building Black Book":

Here's the html code you would use in order to add the hoplink into the conde for a HTML web page:

<a href="" target="_top">Click Here!</a>

Again, replace the xxxxxxxx with your unique Affiliate ID. And replace Click
with the "anchor text" of your choice.

How to Sell The Products

You will find that many of the 25internet methods of "50 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep" can actually be used to promote the products and make perfect instruction guides. These are the chapters I think would work best:

#1 - Replacing Yourself
#3 - Offline marketing of an online business (Flyers!)
#8 - Niche Sites
#10 - Best-Of-Category Viral Info Pages
#11 - Viral Entertainment Content
#18 - Affiliate Marketing
#19 - Buying Traffic
#22 - Email Marketing Secrets
#23 - Mobile Marketing (Note - mobile phone friendly version of not built yet)
#24 - QR Codes
#25 - Diverting Free Traffic From The Big Sites
#26 - Facebook Page And Blog
#27 - Pinterest
#30 - Authority Sites

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